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      There are nearly 600 bios in this section; there are several bios of some, as well as some of their writings:

Adams, George F. - Anderson, R. T. - Angus, Joseph - Armitage, Thomas - Asplund, John - Backus, Isaac - Bainbridge, Peter - Baldwin, Thomas - Barrow, David - Beaman, Roy O. - Benedict, David - Black, J. D. - The Boardmans - George Dana & Sr. - Booth, Abraham - Bower, Jacob - Boyce, James P. - Brantly, W. T. - Breaker, J. M. C. - Broaddus, Andrew - Broadus, John A. - Brong, Rosco - Brower, Jacob - Buck, William C. - Buckner, Henry Ireland - Caperton, A. C. - Carey, William - Carpenter, C. H. - Carroll, B. H. - Carroll, J. M. - Castleberry, Van Boone - Cathcart, William - Chaudoin, William N. - Christian, John T. - Clarke, John - Cole, C. D. - Coleman, James S. - Comer, John - Cone, Spencer H. - Conner, Lewis - Craig, Elijah, Lewis and Joseph - Crawford, T. P. and Martha - Criswell, W. A. - Dayton, A. C. - Dillard, Ryland T. - Dixon, A. C. - Dobbs, C. E. W. - Doyle, David - Dudley, Ambrose and Thomas P. - Dudley, Richard M. - Dunbar, Duncan - Dunlevy, Francis - Dunster, Henry - Eaton, T. T. - Edmonds, Justin O. - Edwards, Morgan - Evans, Christmas - Everts, W. W.

Ferrill, London - Ferris, Ezra - Ford, Reuben - Ford, Samuel H. - Fristoe, Robert - Fuller, Andrew - Gano, John and Stephen - Gardner, W. W. - Gifford, Andrew - Gill, John - Gillette, A. D. - Goddard, Josiah - Going, Jonathan - Graves, Absalom - Graves, Alfred C. - Graves, J. R. - Grigg, Jacob - Grime, J. H. - Hall, J. N. - Harriss, Samuel - Hart, Oliver - Hartwell, Jesse Boardman - Hawthorne, James B. - Haycraft, Samuel - Henderson , Thomas - Hickman, William - Holcombe, Henry - Holman, Jesse - Holmes, Obadiah - Howell, R. B. C. - Ireland, James - Jeter, Jeremiah B. - Jewell, William - Jolly, James M. - Judson, Adoniram - Kazee, Buell H. - Kerfoot, Franklin H. - Kiffin, William - Kirtley, James A. - Kirtley, Robert - Lane, Dutton - Lane, Tidence - Lasher, George W. - Leland, John - Lynd, Samuel W.

Mallary, Charles D. - Manly, Basil, Sr. and Jr. - Manning, James - Maple, Joseph C. - Marshall, Daniel - Marshman, Joshua - Marshman, John - Matton, Charles Hiram - McCoy, Isaac - Mercer, Jesse - Moody, J. B. - Morgan, Abel - Myles, John - Noel, Silas M. - Norris, J. Frank - Nowlin, William Dudley - Pearce, Samuel - Peck, John Mason - Pendleton, James Madison - Murrow, J. S. - Poindexter, A. M. - Porter, J. W. - Ragland, George - Ray, David B. - Read, James - Redding, Joseph - Rhees, Morgan John - Rice, John - Rice, Luther - Riley, William B. - Roberts, Issachar J. - Robinson, Ezekiel G. - Rone, Wendell - Ross, Reuben - Rowland, A. Judson - Ryland, Robert

Saker, Alfred - Scott, Moses - Screven, William - Sears, A. D. - Semple, Robert B. - Shields, T. T. - Shuck, Henrietta Hall - Shuck, Jehu Lewis - Smith, Green Clay - Smith, Hezekiah - Smith, John - Spencer, John H. - Stearns, Shubael - Stevens, John - Suggett, James - Tanner, John - Tarrant, Carter - Taylor, A. S. - Taylor, Alfred - Taylor, H. Boyce - Taylor, John - Thomas, Jesse B. - Tichenor, Isaac Taylor - Tucker, Henry Holcombe - Vaughan, Joshua - Vaughan, William - Vickers, Moses - Walker, Clarence - Waller, George - Waller, John - Waller, John L. - Wayland, Francis - Welch, James Ely - Werden, Peter - Whitsitt, William - Williams, Alvin Peter - Willis, Joseph - Wood, John Henry - Wood, W. A. M. - Yeaman, W. Pope - (latest addition - 5.6.2009).

      There are also bios from Elkhorn Association (KY), Long Run Association (KY), Northbend Association (KY), Sandy Creek Association, NC (13); and Estill County, KY (39); seventeen from Grassy Creek Baptist Church and nineteen from Semple's Virginia Baptists.

Additionally thirty-two brief Illinois bios; fifty-four from Ohio & more early Ohio and more early Ohio. Also from Spencer's Kentucky Baptists: vol. 1; and sixty-seven Missouri bios from Duncan's history. Early Oklahoma bios here. There are also seventeen bios by Ben Bogard here. Thirty-three short North Carolina bios. Also see under Boone County (KY), and the British section. Added (on 3.27.09) are more than twenty KY Emancipationist Baptist bios here.

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Rev. George F. Adams, D. D.
Early Maryland Baptist Minister

Added - 5.15.09
Biographical Sketch of
Rev. Robert T. Anderson

Early Western KY & TN Preacher
By Rev. A. D. Sears, 1859

Joseph Angus
British Baptist Minister, Historian and Educator
By Thomas Armitage, 1890

Thomas Armitage, D.D.
Pastor and Historian
A bio and an essay

John Asplund
Early Swedish/American Historian
There are two bios.

Isaac Backus
Early New England Preacher and Historian
Three Bios and two Circular Letters

Peter Bainbridge
Early Kentucky Baptist Preacher and Physician
There are two bios.

Thomas Baldwin
Colonial New England Baptist Minister

David Barrow
VA & KY Baptist Emancipationist

Roy O. Beaman
Baptist Minsister and Teacher

David Benedict
Early Baptist Minister and Historian

J. D. Black
Early Central KY Minister
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

The Boardmans - Father and Son
George Dana Boardman, D. D. & Sr.

Early Baptist Pastor / Foreign Missionary
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

James Pettigru Boyce, D. D., LL.D.
Baptist Minister and Educator
Three bios, two essays and grave-marker

Rev. Abraham Booth
British Baptist Pastor and Author
Two bios and five of his books

W. T. Brantly
Early Baptist Minister and Editor
By Elder William Brantly, (his son)

J. M. C. Breaker
Early Southern Pastor and Writer
There are three bios and an essay.

Rev. Andrew Broaddus
Early Virginia Baptist Minister
Two bios and a sermon.

John A. Broadus
Early Baptist Minister and Educator
Four bios, 7 sermons, 8 essays, 2 letters & gravemarker

Rosco Brong
Baptist Minister and Teacher
Bio, Sermons & SS Lessons

Jacob Brower
Illinois Frontier Baptist Preacher
A Link

William C. Buck
Early Kentucky Baptist Leader
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists

Henry Ireland Buckner
Early Baptist Indian Missionary
S. H. Ford, 1859

A. C. Caperton
Early Baptist Minister and Editor
There are two bios.

William Carey
First Foreign Baptist Missionary
There are three bios.

C. H. Carpenter
Early Baptist Missionary to Burmah
The Baptist Encyclopedia

B. H. Carroll
Early Texas Baptist Preacher and Educator
There are three bios, three sermons and five essays.

James Milton [J. M.] Carroll. D. D.
Early Texas Baptist Preacher and Historian
Baptist Biography, 1920

Added. 4.9.09
Van Boone Castleberry
Baptist Minister

William Cathcart
Editor of The Baptist Encyclopedia

William Nowell Chaudoin
Early TN/GA Baptist Minister
by Joseph H. Borum, 1880

John T. Christian
Baptist Minister and Historian
By Ben M. Bogard

John Clarke and the Baptists of Newport, R. I.
By Albert H. Newman, 1894

C. D. Cole
Baptist Pastor and Writer
By Ben Stratton

James S. Coleman
Western Kentucky Pastor and Leader
There are two bios and a sermon.

John Comer
Early Rhode Island Baptist Minister

Spencer H. Cone
Early New York City Baptist Pastor
There are three bios.

Info added. 12.3.08
Lewis Conner
Baptist Minister (KY)
Two bios.

The Craigs: Elijah, Joseph and Lewis
Kentucky Frontier Baptist Brothers

Tarlton Perry [T. P.] Crawford
and Martha Foster Crawford

Early Baptist Missionaries to China
Bios and Memoirs

W. A. Criswell
Texas Baptist Minister and Leader
By Jerry Hopkins

A. C. Dayton
Early Baptist Leader and Writer
There are two bios and an essay.

A document added - 4.18.09.
Ryland T. Dillard
Early Central Kentucky Frontier Preacher
Three bios and two Circular Letters

Added - 9.31.09.
A. C. Dixon
Baptist Fundamentalist
By Gerald Priest
A Link

An Essay added.
Dr. C. E. W. Dobbs
Early Kentucky Baptist Leader

David Doyle
Early Missouri Baptist Missionary
By Samuel H. Ford

Ambrose Dudley and Sons
Early Central Kentucky Frontier Preachers

Richard M. Dudley
Early Baptist Minister and Educator

Rev. Duncan Dunbar
Early New York Pastor
Two bios

Judge Francis Dunlevy
Early Baptist Leader in Southern Ohio
By A. H. Dunlevy (His son)

Henry Dunster
First President of Harvard
By Nathan Wood, 1899

Bio added 5.18.09
T. T. Eaton
Baptist Leader
Three bios and two essays.

Justin O. Edmonds
Baptist Minister
By Thomas W. Haynes, 1848

Morgan Edwards
First American Baptist Historian
Three bios and two of his State Baptist history notebooks.

Christmas Evans
Early Welsh Baptist Preacher
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

W. W. Everts
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists

London Ferrill
African-American Baptist in Early Kentucky
There are two bios.

Elder Ezra Ferris
Early Southern Indiana Baptist Pastor
There are two bios and an index of his essays.

Reuben Ford
Early Virginia Baptist Minister
By James B. Taylor, 1859

A bio added.
Samuel H. Ford
There are three bios and an index of his essays.

Robert Fristoe
Early Tennessee Baptist Preacher
By J. J. Burnett

Andrew Fuller
Early English Baptist Minister
Memoir, a Bio, Circular Letters, Sermons & more.

John Gano
There are a total of fourteen documents.

Stephen Gano
Early American Baptist Minister

Rev. W. W. Gardner, D.D.
Early Kentucky Pastor and Educator
By Martin H. Smith, A. M., 1875

Dr. Andrew Gifford
Eighteenth Century Baptist Minister
Two bios

Dr. John Gill
Early British Minister and Theologian
There are two bios.

A. D. Gillette, D.D.
Early Baptist Minister and Historian
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Rev. Josiah Goddard
Early Baptist China Missionary
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Jonathan Going, D. D.
Baptist Minister, Missionary and Educator
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Absalom Graves
Early Boone County, KY Baptist Leader
Three bios and three Circular Letters he wrote

A bio added.
Alfred C. Graves
Baptist Minister and editor

Essay added - 5.6.09
J. R. [James Robinson] Graves
Baptist Editor and Minister
There are five bios, a book of 12 sermons + essays.

Bio added - 3.24.09
Elder Jacob Grigg
Early Emancipationist Baptist Minister
Two Bios & Circular Letter

J. H. Grime
Recollections of a Long Life, 1930
Early Tennessee Baptist Minister

Memoirs in Progress.
J. N. [John Newton] Hall
Western Kentucky Baptist Pastor
A bio, picture and essay.

Samuel Harriss
Early Virginia Baptist Preacher
By James B. Taylor, 1859

Oliver Hart
By David Benedict, 1813

Jesse Boardman Hartwell, D.D.
Early Baptist Missionary to China
The Baptist Encylopedia, 1881

James B. Hawthorne
Baptist Minister
By B. F. Riley, 1915

Samuel Haycraft
Early Kentucky Baptist
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Information added. 12.4.08
Thomas Henderson
Early Kentucky Baptist Minister and Educator

William Hickman
Kentucky Frontier Preacher
His autobio, two bios and a picture of his grave marker.

Henry Holcombe
Early Georgia Baptist Minister
By J. H. Campbell, 1874

Jesse Holman
Southeastern Indiana Baptist Preacher, Writer and Legislator
Two bios and a list of his essays.

One added 2.24.09
Obadiah Holmes
Persecuted American Baptist
There are two documents

Robert B. C. Howell
Early Tennessee Baptist Pastor and Editor
There are four bios, two sermons and an essay.

Elder James Ireland
Early Virginia Baptist Preacher
There are three bios.

Jeremiah Bell Jeter
Early Virginia Baptist Minister
Two bios.

Added 11.27.08
Hon. William Jewell, M.D.
Missouri Baptist Physician
By R. P. Rider, A. M.

Added 12.12.08
James M. Jolly
Early Northern Kentucky Baptist Minister
Campbell County (KY) Association Minutes, 1901

Adoniram Judson
First American Baptist Missionary

Buell H. Kazee
Kentucky Baptist Minister, Teacher and Singer
A short bio, two books and other writings; also three audio sermons.

Franklin Howard Kerfoot
Baptist Pastor and Educator
By Henry T. Lothan, 1903
Bio and a Sermon.

William Kiffin
Early British Baptist MInister
There are three bios.

James A. Kirtley
Boone County (KY) Baptist Minister
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists

Elder Robert Kirtley
Early Boone County, KY Baptist Leader
There are three bios.

Dutton Lane
Early Virginia Baptist
By Robert B. Semple

Tidence Lane
"First Minister to Preach Regularly to a Tennessee Congregation"
By J. J. Burnett, 1919

G. W. Lasher, D. D.
19th Century Baptist Minister and Editor

John Leland
There is a bio and five of his writings.

Samuel W. Lynd
Baptist Pastor and Educator
By James R. Duvall

Charles D. Mallary
Early Georgia Baptist Minister
By J. H. Campbell, 1874

Document Added - 8.3.09
Basil Manly, Sr.
Basil Manly, Jr.

Early Baptist Ministers and Educators

James Manning, D.D.
By Thomas Armitage, 1890

Rev. Joseph Cowgill Maple, A. M., D. D.
Missouri Baptist Pastor and Historian
By R. P. Rider, 1918

Daniel Marshall
Early VA/NC Frontier Preacher

Joshua Marshman, D. D.
John C. Marshman

Father and Son -
Early British Missionary Helpers to William Carey
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Rev. Charles Hiram Mattoon
Early Oregon Baptist Minister and Historian

A Portrait and A Link to:
History of Baptist Indian Missions added 12.08.08
Rev. Isaac McCoy
Early Baptist Indian Missionary
There are three bios.

Jesse Mercer
Early Georgia Baptist Minister and Leader
Two bios, five CLs and essays.

Joseph B. Moody, D. D.
By Ben M. Bogard
Baptist Minister and Educator

The Abel Morgans
Early Colonial Baptists from Wales
Bio, Circular Letters and two links

J. S. Murrow
Early Oklahoma Baptist Indian Missionary
By E. C. Routh, 1932

John Myles
Early Welsh and American Baptist Minister
There are two bios.

Silas Mercer Noel
There are two bios.

J. Frank Norris
Baptist Pastor and Editor

William Dudley Nowlin
Baptist Pastor and Historian
By Wendell H. Rone

Samuel Pearce
There are two bios and a Circular Letter

A Bio added 12.8.08
John Mason Peck
There are six bios and an index of his essays.

A Review of a book added. - 11.26.08
James Madison Pendleton
There are five bios and five essays.

A. M. Poindexter
Bio and two essays

John William Porter
Baptist Pastor, Editor and Author
Baptist Biography, 1920

Added. - 9.5.09
George Ragland
Kentucky Baptist Minister

David B. Ray
There are three bios.

James Read
By James B. Taylor, 1859

A bio added. - 5.7.09
Joseph Redding
There are three bios.

Morgan John Rhees
Early Welsh and American Baptist Minister
Dictionary of National Biography

Rev. John Rice
Early Kentucky Baptist Preacher
The Baptist Encyclopedia 1881

Luther Rice
Early Foreign Missionary Advocate
By James B. Taylor

William Bell Riley
Baptist Pastor, FBC, Minneapolis

Issachar J. Roberts
Early China Missionary
Tennessee Baptist Ministers, 1880

Ezekiel Gilman Robinson
There are two bios and an essay.

Wendell Rone
A Bio, short Autobio, an Essay and Chart.

Reuben Ross
Early Western TN/KY Baptist Pastor
There are two bios.

A. Judson Rowland, D. D.
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881
19th Century Baptist Minister

Robert Ryland
An Early African American Baptist Pastor
Three bios and his "History of Richmond Church"

Rev. Alfred Saker
Early British Baptist Missionary to Africa
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

William Screven
Colonial Baptist Pastor
Two bios.

A. D. Sears
Frontier Baptist Preacher
By John H. Spencer, 1885

Robert B. Semple
Early Virginia Historian
By James B. Taylor

Added - 8.31.09
T. T. Shields
Canadian Baptist Fundamentalist
By Gerald Priest
A Link

Henrietta Hall Shuck
The First Woman Baptist Missionary to China
By Marjorie Dawes

Jehu Lewis Shuck
Early Baptist China Missionary
Virginia Baptist Ministers, Third Series
By George B. Taylor, 1912

Green Clay Smith
Early Kentucky Baptist Minister and Lawyer

Hezekiah Smith
Colonial Baptist Pastor
The Baptist Encyclopedia

Elder John Smith
The First Permanent Baptist Pastor in Ohio
Columbia Baptist Church, Cincinnati, OH

John Henderson Spencer
Kentucky Baptist Historian

Shubael Stearns
Early Frontier North Carolina Preacher
There are two articles.

The Life of the Frontier Preacher John Stevens
Campbell County, Kentucky
By N. Pettit, 1855

A Bio added.
James Suggett
Frontier Minister in KY & MO

John Tanner
Frontier Kentucky and Missouri Minister
There are five documents.

Carter Tarrant
Early Baptist Emancipationist
Autobiography, short bio and History book.

Biography of Elder Alfred Taylor
Written and compiled by his son,
William Carey Taylor, Sr., 1878

Elder A. S. Taylor
Graves County, KY

H. Boyce Taylor
Western Kentucky Pastor, Editor and Leader
There are three bios and three articles.

John Taylor: Frontier Baptist Preacher
There are five bios and three of his books.

Jesse B. Thomas, D. D.
Baptist Minister and Educator

Isaac Taylor Tichenor, D. D.
Early Baptist Minister and Educator
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Added. - 8.25.09
Henry Holcombe Tucker, D. D., LL. D.
Baptist Editor and Minister
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Memoir of Joshua Vaughan
Baptist Minister in Pennsylvania
By A. D. Gillette, 1846

William Vaughan
Kentucky Frontier Baptist Minister
Two bios and an essay

Moses Vickers
Early Northern KY Baptist Minister
By J. H. Spencer

Document added. - 5.29.09
Clarence Walker
Lexington, Kentucky Pastor
Picture, Obit and Funeral Sermon -- 1968

George Waller
Kentucky Frontier Baptist Minister
Two bios and a letter.

John Waller
Frontier Baptist Preacher
There are two bios.

Added. - 5.6.09
John L. Waller
Early Baptist Pastor and Editor
By Samuel H. Ford, 1900
(Concerning Waller's Opinion of J. R. Graves)

Francis Wayland
The Baptist Encyclopedia
Early Baptist Minister and Educator

James Ely Welch
Early Missouri Baptist Missionary
Thee are two bios.

Life and Character of the Rev. Peter Werden
Early Massachusetts Baptist Pastor
By John Leland

Added. - 5.6.09
William Whitsitt
Controversial Baptist

A bio added. - 1.22.09
Rev. Alvin Peter Williams, D. D.
Early Missouri Frontier Baptist Minister
There are two bios.

Rev. Joseph Willis
Pioneer Louisiana Baptist Minister
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

John Henry Wood
Nineteenth Century British
Baptist Minister and Historian
The Baptist Handbook for 1896

W. A. M. Wood
Kentucky Baptist
Minister and Missionary

Added two documents - 3.7.09
W. Pope Yeaman
Baptist Minister and Educator


Early Baptist Missionaries to China
Eleven missionaries + five essays.

The American Baptist Ministry of One Hundred Years Ago
The Baptist Quarterly, 1875
By John A. Broadus,

Biographical Sketches of the Pastors
of Grassy Creek Baptist Church (NC)

By Robert I. Devin, 1880
There are seventeen bios.

Sandy Creek Association Bios
A History of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association
By Elder George W. Purefoy

Biographies of Early Pastors of Elkhorn Baptist Association
J. H. Spencer's History of Kentucky Baptists

Biographies of Early Pastors of Long Run Association
A History of Kentucky Baptists
By J. H. Spencer, 1886

Early Prominent Leaders of the Northbend Baptist Association
Spencer's History of Kentucky Baptists
There are seven.

Prominent Baptists in Southwestern Ohio
in the Early 19th Century

By A. H. Dunlevy, 1869

Early Baptist Preachers in Virginia
History of Baptists in Virginia
By Robert B. Semple, 1894

Missouri Baptist Biographies
By Robert S. Duncan, 1882
[Sixty-seven bios here]

Early British Bios
J. M. Cramp's Baptist History
There are twenty-two bios.

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