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Frontier Baptist Minister
Boone County, Kentucky

     His continual care for the Churches, in all their concerns, was a distinguishing feature in his character.

Obituary of Absalom Graves
Bullittsburg Baptist Churchbook, December, 1826

A Short Account of the Life and Death of
the Late Rev. Absalom Graves

From the Graves Hymnal, 1826

My Sermon at Absalom Graves' Funeral
By John Taylor, 1827

Rev. Absalom Graves
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Absalom Graves' Hymns
By Henry S. Burrage, 1888

Northbend Baptist Association
Circular Letter, 1815

By Absalom Graves

Northbend Baptist Association
Circular Letter, 1817

By Absalom Graves

The Circular Letter written by Absalom Graves
on the History of the Northbend Association, 1825

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