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     When J. M. Pendeleton first began preaching he endured a lot of criticism:
     "These preachers, Dr. Pendleton says, were not very 'complimentary' in their remarks about his sermons. One of them said, 'You certainly could do better if you would try.' Another said, 'You are scarcely earning your salt.' The criticism of another was, 'You say some pretty good things, but your preaching is neither adapted to comfort the saint nor alarm the sinner.' But the last straw (suited to break the camel's back, but didn't) was a remark by a layman, 'As God is omnipotent He, of course, can make a preacher of that young man.' It is gratifying to know that young Pendleton survived these discouraging criticisms and made a preacher of rare ability." J. J. Burnett

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James M. Pendleton Gravesite

James Madison Pendleton, D.D.
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

James M. Pendleton
By J. J. Burnett

James Madison Pendleton
Tennessee Baptist Ministers, 1880

James Madison Pendleton
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

James M. Pendleton
By Ben M. Bogard, 1900

Nature of a Church
By J. M. Pendleton, D. D., 1867

Reminiscences of A Long Life
By James Madison Pendleton, 1891

Short Sermons on Important Subjects
By James M. Pendleton, 1859
There are 50 Sermons.

"An Old Landmark Reset."
By J. M. Pendleton

The Condition of the Baptist Cause in Kentucky in 1837
By James M. Pendleton, D. D.

A Little Discussion with Alexander Campbell
By James M. Pendleton

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Distinctive Principles of Baptists
By J. M. Pendleton, 1882
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A Review of Distinctive Principles of Baptists
In The Baptist Quarterly Review, 1883

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