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This page is dedicated to my ancestors, the pioneers who endured hardships and fought to preserve our freedoms.

THANKS go to the many helpful volunteer researchers and fellow seekers who shared information. The search never ends; these pages remain under construction.

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Source notes : On these genealogy pages, I try to always note sources of information whether it's a person and/or the source they quote (using burgundy colored text). Very often, others quote from reference books (which themselves could contain errors), census records, deeds, wills, tombstones and marriage records. To anyone with genealogy experience, most records ---even originals---have potential for trannscription errors or misspelling, transposition etc. Where I have copies of original material or have personally seen it, I will so note (not much to date). Most common on these pages are transcriptions and quotes from the work of others. While these pages are intended to help fellow searchers, we all know there's no substitute for verifying source documents personally. --Steve Scroggins

Data/Image Usage : Most data on these pages was shared by others for purposes of private research. All notes compiled, items verified or photo images provided by me along with that data shared by others, is made available here for private research only. Posting here in no way implies permission for commercial use, in fact, commercial use or resale is expressly forbidden. All rights reserved. --Steve Scroggins