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Was Jefferson Davis Right?

by James Ronald Kennedy & Walter Donald Kennedy (Pelican Press)

War for What?

by Francis W. Springer (Nippert Publishing)

The South Was Right!

by James Ronald Kennedy & Walter Donald Kennedy (Pelican Press)

Federalist Papers [ searchable! ]

Declaration of Independence

U.S. Constitution | Amendments

Facts Historians Leave Out - A Confederate Primer

The Coming of the Glory

by John S. Tilley

The Antifederalist Papers
Edited with an Introduction by Morton Borden
Michigan State University Press, 1965

The Law by Frederic Bastiat

The Gray Fox - Robert E. Lee and his generals

by Burke Davis (Wings Books)

Footprints of a Regiment - A recollection of the 1st Georgia Regiment 1861-1865

by W.H. Andrews, 1st Sergeant, Company M (Longstreet Press)

Camp Fires of Georgia Troops, 1861-1865

by William S. Smelmund (Sharpsburg GA)

The Essential Thomas Jefferson

Edited, with an introduction, by John Gabriel Hunt

Robert E. Lee's Civil War

by Bevin Alexander (Adams Media Corp.)

The Living Lincoln - The Man, his mind, his times and the war he fought, reconstructed from his own writings

Edited by Paul M. Angle

Southern History of the War

by Edmund A. Pollard (Fairfax Press)

The Real Lincoln

by Charles L.C. Minor (Sprinkle Publications)

Southern By The Grace of God

by Michael Andrew Grissom (Pelican Press)


The Federal Government: Its True Nature & Character

by Apel P. Upshur (St. Thomas Press)

A Disquisition on Government

Discourses on the Constitution

by John C. Calhoun

The Gray Book

by Arthur H. Jennings

The Essential Calhoun

by Clyde N. Wilson

The American Ideal of 1776: The Twelve Basic American Principles

by Hamilton Abert Long (1976 Your Heritage Books, Inc.)

The Wartime Papers of Robert E. Lee

edited by Clifford Dowdey & Louis H. Manarin (De Capo Press, 1961)

Why the Confederacy Lost

edited by Gabor S. Boritt (Oxford University Press, 1992)

Secession Debated - Georgia's Showdown in 1860

Edited by William W. Freehling & Craig Simpson (Oxford University Press, 1992)

A Defense of Virginia and Through Her the South

by Rev. R. L. Dabney

Joseph Sobran - Slavery in Perspective

Thomas Sowell - Re-runs of ROOTS

Principles of Confederacy

by John Remington Graham

The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government

by Jefferson Davis

Is Davis A Traitor?

by Albert Taylor Bledsoe (1879 Advocate Publishing House, St. Louis)

The Slave Trade - The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440-1870

by Hugh Thomas (Simon & Schuster)

Civil War Macon - The History of a Confederate City

by Richard W. Iobst, PhD (Mercer University Press 1999)

Sherman's Horsemen - Union Calvary Operations in the Atlanta Campaign

by David Evans



Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove

How Few Remain by Harry Turtledove

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