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Southern Heritage


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 Last updated 12/05/2002

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Southern Heritage

Sons of Confederate Veterans National

SCV - Georgia - History Curriculum Project

SCV Camp #1399 Warner Robins, GA

United Daughters of the Confederacy

Heritage Preservation Association

Southern Initiative | | The Southern Messenger

LSU Civil War site | Confederate Secessionists

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The Federalist - contemporary commentary & anecdotal rebuttal dedicated to the principles espoused in the US Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence. [ The Federalist Papers ] [ Anti-Federalist Papers ]

Suite 101 - Something for everyone...many, many links and discussion areas.

Townhall Links - Lots of cool stuff; you'll want to bookmark this one.

The Reagan Information Interchange - Links to current news and commentary and other great stuff like selected Ronald Reagan speeches.

Institute For Justice - Defends individual rights but does so more consistently and logically than the ACLU.

Reason Magazine - Libertarian opinion and commentary.

The Heritage Foundation - Conservative think-tank. Good stuff.

The Cato Institute - More conservative/libertarian info. Well done.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute - public policy think-tank. - syndicated columns of Joseph Sobran

Thomas Legislative - The US Congress and legislation reference.

Georgia Republicans - Reference info on Georgia Republicans

Libertarian Party - info on libertarian principles. Quiz measures you as libertarian/moderate/socialist/fascist - Debunks the most common myths...

World Net Daily - A digest of news and commentary

NewsMax - another digest of news and commentary

Judicial Watch - Watchdog group focused on the corruption of the Clinton Administration.

Free Republic - Watchdog organization dedicated to the First Amendment concept of a free press observing government activity and reporting it to the People.

Electronic Privacy Information Center - watchdog group monitoring Big Brother

Without ACLU - Wacky lawyers without a clue.

Washington Times - best newspaper in DC.

Intellectual Capital - good stuff --this kind of capital is hard to find.

Senator Zell Miller

Senator Max Cleland - Georgia's FORMER Democratic senator

Senator Saxby Chambliss

Project Vote Smart - scorecards for your representatives

The Economist

National Review

 The Right Side of the Web

 American Tort Reform Association - a favorite site for lawyers

US Term Limits - National group dedicated to the idea of government by the people.

U.S. Constitution || Amendments

National Rifle Association

Guns America

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Second Amendment Foundation

Gun Owners of America

Geoff's Firearms & Freedom page || || Confederate Home Page || History Curriculum Project || Heritage Preservation Assoc. | GA Flag Facts | Confederate State Flag Facts






Internet Hoaxes - government site listing dozens of Internet hoaxes (viruses, taxes, schemes, etc.)

Mapquest - Interactive maps online.

Search for Sexual Offenders in Georgia - and other states

Federalist Papers Search || U.S. Constitution || Amendments || Second Amendment database Search || Government Educational Links

The Constitution Society

Official Georgia Code Search

Bible Search

National Parks Service - Civil War Soldiers & Sailors (search by unit or name)



Confederate Cause Quotes

Quotes - quotes & lyrics with a search engine. Quotes - lots of them.

Spanoudis' Quotations Home Page (almost 20,000 entries and growing!)

Quote of the Day - a good variety

Aphorisms Galore

A Visitor From the Past - a chilling poem by Thelen Paulk

 Voltaire: "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."




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