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Classroom Motivation
Mastery Learning
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Art Education
(...includes lesson plans...)
Human Relations
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John Dewey
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Substitute Teaching Tips
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My Philosophy of Education
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My Education Profile


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My Favorite Education Links

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resources Alvin Birkholz on the Web This growing list of resources is aimed primarily at school administrators. It's the most comprehensive collection I've seen. (Alvin, a school administrator, is my husband...I thought it only fair to tell you.)

lesson  plans  information AskERIC This is a searchable gopher-based site with a multitude of lesson plans and resources covering a variety of subject areas. This is one of the largest collections of lesson plans I've stumbled upon. The search feature is handy, too.

lesson  plans  help Big Sky Lesson Plans A gopher-based site with a plethora of lesson plans covering a variety of subject areas. This is one of the largest collections of lesson plans I've found.

lesson  plans  help CTAP Lesson Plans A collection of lesson plan links and databases. If you're looking for a variety of lesson plan sources, look here.

teacher  news Education Week on the Web This online magazine focuses on school reform issues with weekly news, daily news, article archives, Teacher Magazine, products and services, and more.

resources  help National Standards and State Curriculum Frameworks A listing of information about national and state education standards.

education NEA The home page of the National Education Association.

help Phil's Place--Departments of Education A listing of Departments of Education of various states. If you want to find the requirements of various states, this is a helpful starting point.

teacher  help Scholastic Place The front door into online professional magazines (like Instructor), a guide to classroom magazines, software clubs, free stuff for kids, and more.

information Shadow Gnome's Internet List Where to find information on the Internet; dictionaries, maps, education information, census records, postal rates, news, movies, and tons more!

teacher  help Teacher's Edition Online An "online magazine" including helpful articles, lesson plans, classroom management, employment opportunities, e-pals and much more! If you like a variety of information and articles, look here.

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