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Melissa's Myriad

Exellent Links

Here are the best of my favorite links.

Note: Are you interested in links related to one of my featured topics (such as art, education, genealogy)? You will find those links on those specific pages.

Family (a nice variety)

Friends (fun and informative)

HTML and Web Page Helpers

On Target Award Winners (more art, education, genealogy and other pages)

Useful Miscellaneous (a cyber swiss army knife)

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Alvin Birkholz

My husband, Alvin.
His web page is
about education.

Melissa Birkholz

This is me, again.
My page is about
art, education, genealogy,
and “stuff”.

Andrew Birkholz

My son, Andrew.
His page is
about aviation.

Christopher Birkholz

My son, Christopher.
His page is
about sports.

Samuel Birkholz

My son, Samuel.
His page is
about dinosaurs.

Christy Caswell

My sister, Christy.
Her page is about
animals and conservation.

Then, there's my
lovely yet camera-shy

Her page is
about religions.

I also have a very
excellent and talented
but he's not online.

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Bramel’s Place Genealogy, travel adventures, outdoors and more.

MoyesAmerica Witty fun -- Go Around the World in 80 Clicks.

Philosophy on the Net By “Socrates”; Philosophy, web graphics, & the home of “A Socrates Award”.

The Shadow Gnome’s Internet List Where to find almost anything on the web.

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Once upon a time, I had my own HTML web page...Then, I decided to reduce my web site before it became a full-time job instead of just a hobby! Here are some sites that have helped me.

BourbonStreet Listen to me A nice place for midi files.

HTML Primer

HTML Learning Material

HTML Color Codes

Complete HTML True Color Chart

The Graphic Station

Roses’s Animated GIF’s

Philosophy on the Net By “Socrates”; Philosophy web graphics, & the home of “A Socrates Award”

GeoCities (An online community--free web space, free e-mail, chat and more)

Internet Link Exchange (free advertising)

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File Mine A shareware download site which has always worked well for me.

Learn Everything (an ultimate how-to site: make paper, play chess, remove stains, and thousands more)

Martha Stewart Find a variety of ideas for home creativity and management.

The Shadow Gnome’s Internet List (where to find almost anything on the web)

Top 500 E-card Sites A nice variety of e-cards sites to choose from.

WBS (net-community with hundreds of chat rooms about a variety of topics)

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