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On Target Award

An award for excellent web pages!


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NOTE: If you applied for the On Target Award between June 1997 to September 1997, and you did not hear from me, please re-apply. Our family moved (twice) that summer, due to a new job. When we were online again our e-mail program crashed and ate all our e-mail...(!!!) So please do re-apply.

Award Criteria....

To receive this award, a web site must:

  • Be informative about either education, or art, or genealogy.
  • Show excellence in design (use of graphics, text, etc.).
  • Be easy to browse.
  • Be "family friendly".


To Nominate a Page for This Award...

You can nominate a page for this award by answering these questions:

What is the web page's URL?

Please make sure the URL is correct.

What is your e-mail address?

This is in case I need to contact you about the site.

Why do you think the above web page should win this award?

I will notify the winner, tell them where to find the graphic, and add the link to their page, as soon as possible.

After you choose the "submit" button, you will see the message you sent. *Then click the "back" button on your browser to return to this page* Thank you! *MB^)


Award Winners


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