Barney L. Lumley Jr. (Dana)
216 Pueblo Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80903
CO: (719) 475-7108 GA: (229) 333-7664


With 11 years experience as an officer, manager, and instructor navigator in the USAF, experience as a civilian flight instructor, and graduate student of Aerospace Management and Aviation Safety, I have gained extensive knowledge in training, real-time scheduling, long-term strategic planning, developing procedures, managing personnel in a highly demanding environment, phases of a system’s safety cycle including basic design concepts through testing, maintenance/systems management, operational employment, and education and training.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Jan 03 – Present)
U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) Instructor Pilot: Provided Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) style flight and classroom instruction to USAFA Cadets for the 557th Flight Training Squadron at the Air Force Academy. Ensured the cadets' professionalism, piloting skill, and attitude throughout the Air Force Academy's Introductory Flight Training (IFT) program were of the highest standard in preparation for UPT.

Self-employed (Feb 01 – Jan 03)
Investor/Instructor Pilot: Provided flight and classroom instruction to beginning and advanced student pilots and airport familiarization training for new club members. Bought, managed, remodeled, and sold rental houses.

Southeastern Flight School (Oct 99 – Feb 01)
Senior Flight Instructor: Taught beginning and advanced student pilots through both hands-on and theoretical training under CFR 14 part 61 and part 141.
* Worked closely with maintenance personnel to ensure effect troubleshooting of mechanical problems
* Provided instruction to pilots while carrying passengers to international locations
* Taught private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, and flight instructor classroom and flight courses

United States Air Force (1988-1999)
Captain, Chief of HC-130 Group Training/HC-130 Instructor Navigator, 347 Operational Support Squadron, Moody AFB, GA
* Provided expert advice to the Operational Support Commander on all HC-130 flying and simulator training issues
* Orchestrated the development of a new 347 WG Assault Landing Zone (ALZ); coordinated the ALZ survey, point of
contact, light configuration and panel markers placement enhancing ALZ capabilities
* Coordinated with headquarters to clarify and interpret training messages; increased training effectiveness
* Served as rescue coordinator for mission planning cell in Operational Readiness Inspection
* Provided current training and proficiency requirement information; wing expert on all HC-130 training
* Squadron Commander’s number one choice for the Moody AFB first Chief of HC-130 Group Training; selected to create job description

Captain, Flight Commander/HC-130 Instructor Navigator, 71st Rescue Squadron, Moody AFB, GA
* Directly managed 29 navigators and airborne communications systems operators in execution of global Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) requirements
* Provided leadership, directed professional development, ensured timely completion of all ground and flight training and managed all temporary duties for his flight
* Instructed navigators in tactics and procedures on search and rescue missions, ensured precise aircraft positioning on night vision goggle (NVG) low-level routes, pararescueman/rescue equipment deployments, NVG helicopter air refueling, and open ocean/land searches
* Managed deployment coverage, leave, and flight training for 29 aircrew members for three contingencies during extremely high OPSTEMPO
* Ensured 100% coverage for deployment tasking and for flight training
* Stellar performer while deployed to Kuwait, upholding UN sanctions in Iraq
* Spearheaded move and layout of new flight operations building; designed flight planning area, set up computers, and coordinated with civil engineering. Unmatched motivation lauded by squadron commander
* Maintained accuracy of charts, threats, and classified documents necessary for CSAR alert briefcase
* Revised low-level routes for deployed squadron aircrews, standardizing and enhancing training missions
* Group commander’s top choice for highly visible tasks
* Operational Northern Watch Combined Task force (AF, Army, Navy and Marines) Company Grade Officer of the Month for excellent performance as highly visible deployed operations officer during critical missions
* 71st Expeditionary Rescue Squadron Company Grade officer of the month
* Directed procedures for HC-130 CSAR alert response and execution of air refueling and transload tasking
* Spearheaded the Annual Culture and Leadership Survey…100% contact with unprecedented participation

Captain, Assistant Flight Commander/C-130 Instructor Navigator, 52nd Airlift Squadron, Moody AFB, GA
* Directly responsible for training, professional development, and flying performance of 24 aircrew
* Precisely planned and executed a wing war day-provided excellent composite training for wing’s assets
* Adroit tactical planning abilities were key to verification team understanding the C-130 wartime mission
* Submitted corrections to regulations resulting in Air Force-wide acceptance of changes to drop procedures in Multi-Command Regulation greatly enhancing the safety of airdrops
* Selected for top priority Phoenix Banner mission providing critical airlift support for President Clinton
* Delivered indispensable White House resources for a Phoenix Silver vice-presidential support mission
* Hand-picked participant in a highly visible multi-national training exercise...U.S. first-ever NATO and non-NATO exercise
* Delivered 1066 people and 440 tons of cargo in support of Operation Southern Watch

Captain, Chief of Scheduling Flight/KC-135 Instructor Navigator, 906th Air Refueling Squadron, Minot AFB, ND
* Developed, coordinated, and monitored execution of the annual plan for the allocation of 17 million dollars worth of KC-135A and KC-135 R flying time
* Directed the successful accomplishment of over 1,500 worldwide refueling and airlift missions
* Executed daily tasking order ensuring 400 air refueling and 1,000 coalition sorties for “no-fly” zone
* Engineered detailed day-to-day and broader long-range scheduling for over 100 crew members
* Coordinated and executed the daily air tasking order ensuring success of over 400 air refueling and 1,000 coalition sorties enforcing the Iraqi no-fly zone south of the 32nd parallel
* Brought flight and ground scheduling forms up-to-date by converting to a modern software program
* Dynamic and flexible scheduling facilitated aircraft conversion six months ahead of projected timeline

Captain, KC-135 Instructor Navigator/Flight Scheduling Officer, 7th Air Refueling Squadron, Carswell AFB, TX
* Prepared detailed lesson plans, conducted training classes, and performed in-flight instruction of complicated aircraft systems and procedures
* Excellent planning skills led to a 100 percent mission effectiveness rating
* Selected above peers to represent the 7th Bomb Wing at PROUD SHIELD…SAC’s bomb/Nav competition







Single Engine










Cross Country












B.A.S. - Resource Management with minors in Aerospace Studies and Music
Troy State University, Troy AL; Reserve Officer Training Corps, Arnold Air Society Staff, Phi Mu Alpha Staff, Baptist Student Union, and Wesley Foundation

Squadron Officer School; Maxwell AFB, AL; Six week Management, Leadership and Team-building course for officers

Graduate Study
Dual M.A.S. in Aviation Safety and Aerospace Management projected early 2003; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; Relevant Courses: The Air Transportation System, Aviation/Aerospace System Safety, Aviation/Aerospace Accident Investigation and Safety Systems, Airport Operations Safety, Seminar in Aviation Labor Relations, Aircraft Maintenance Management, Aviation/Aerospace Industrial Safety, Aircraft and Spacecraft Development, Support and Distribution in Aviation/Aerospace, Management Information Systems, Operations Research, Research Methods and Statistics


Aviation/Aerospace Safety Systems Certificate for graduate work; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Commercial Pilot - Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land
Flight Instructor - Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Instrument
Ground Instructor - Advanced Ground Instructor, Instrument Ground Instructor
Aircraft Dispatcher
Former United States Air Force KC-135A/R, C-130, and HC-130 Instructor Navigator
FAA approved Preboard Screener, IonScan CSS, IonScan Screener, and LineScan Operator certifications
Total Quality Management Training Course; USAF
Equal Opportunity Awareness Course; USAF
Operations Group Flight Commander/Supervisor Training Course; USAF

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