"When I am in flight and command my plane

And soar with the clouds and look down once again,

The beauty is breathtaking, more than a dream or fine art

Those memories are forever with me 'til I depart."

- Dana Lumley

Ground School

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Flight Manuevers

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Study Guides

Private Pilot Oral Prep

Commercial Pilot Oral Prep

Flight Review

Requirements for Private Pilot License

Complex Aircraft Prep

Phonetic Alphabet

Pre-Solo Written Exam

Instrument Pilot Oral Prep

CFI Checkride Notes

U.S. Air Force Academy IFT

Aviation Links

  • Georgia Wings

  • Worldwide Sunrise and Sunset Computations.

  • FAA Written Exams

  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

  • Free Weather and Flight Planning Service

  • Federal Aviation Administration

  • CFI Lesson Plans

  • jnav.com A Great Source Of Pilot Information

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