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Buell H. Kazee

Kentucky Baptist Minister, Teacher and Singer
A short bio, two books and other writings; also three audio sermons.

Pillars of Orthodoxy,
or Defenders of the Faith

Ben M. Bogard, editor, 1900
There are seventeen bios and essays.

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Who Are The Baptists?
By Curtis Whaley, 1960

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Hosius on the Anabaptists
By Stephen M. duBarry, 2009

The Doctrine of the Suffering Christ
By James P. Boyce
The Baptist Quarterly, 1870

Gospel Doctrine of a Church
By Thomas Baldwin, 1789

The Baptist Message
A Collection of Thirty-one Essays on
Baptist Doctrine, Thought and Practice, 1911

Is Healing in the Atonement?
By R. Charles Blair

Identifiying the New Testament Church
Fundamentals of the Faith
By William Dudley Nowlin, 1922

Added 3.16.09
Outlines of Systematic Theology - Ecclesiology
By Berlin Hisel

Why Be a Baptist?
By H. Boyce Taylor, Sr.
Second Edition, 1928

A Historical, Doctrinal, and Practical Comparison of Denominations
A Chart by Wendell H. Rone

There are several essays and Links.

Baptist Faith and Practice
By Rev. Thomas Armitage, D.D., 1890

Letters from Baptist Chaplains of the Civil War
Christ in the Camp, 1871

Creeds, Confessions, Covenants and Constitutions
There are five documents.

Import of Ekklesia ('Church')
The Christian Review, 1857
By Rev. J. M. C. Breaker

Baptist Succession, Or
Baptist Principles in Church History

"A Centennial Discourse," 1876
The Baptist Church in Harvard, Massachusetts
By G. W. Samson

Anabaptists in Zurich
By Williston Walker, 1918

Observations by an Attendee of the First
Separate Baptist Association in Virginia in 1771
Semple's History of the Baptists in Virginia

The Baptists and the American Constitution
By John T. Christian

A Letter from James Madison to Rev. George Eve Concerning
the Issue of Religious Freedom and the First Amendment

From The James Madison Papers

Correspondence Between the Early Baptists of Virginia
and President George Washington 1789

Semple's History of the Baptists in Virginia

Articles of Faith of the Green River
Baptist Association (KY), 1800

Early Bracken Baptist Association History (KY)
There are two short histories here.

The Elkhorn Baptist Association (KY)
Original Constitution and
Queries from the Earliest Minutes (1785-1805)

Early History of the Elkhorn (KY)
Baptist Association 1785-1880

Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists, 1886

Early History of the Long Run (KY)
Baptist Association, (1803-1880)

Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists, 1886

Queries and Answers from the Baptist Churches
of the Philadelphia Baptist Association
From the Annual Minutes

The Philadelphia Association on the Validity
of an Administrator in Baptism

Philadelphia Association Minutes

Valid and Invalid Baptism in Kentucky
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists
Vol. II, 1886

Alien Baptism in the SBC in 1915
By W. P. Throgmorton

Alien Immersions
By John T. Christian, 1926

Dr. A. M. Poindexter on Pedobaptist Immersions
The Christian Respository, 1879

Infant Baptism
There are several essays

The Lord's Supper
By Jesse Mercer, 1833

Close Communion
By Prof. R. M. Dudley, D. D., 1890
Georgetown College, KY

Why Close Communion And Not Open Communion
By O. L. Hailey, D. D., Editor
Arkansas Baptist, 1900

The Regular and Separate Baptists of Kentucky Unite in 1801
Kentucky Baptist History, 1922
By William Dudley Nolin

The Baptists: Regular, Separate, and United
By John M. Peck, 1855

Rev. John M. Peck's First Journey
Through Kentucky in 1817

The Christian Repository, 1859

Baptist Revivals
There are several essays

Early American Baptist Newspapers
A History of the Baptists, 1890
By Thomas Armitage

Rosco Brong
Former Dean, Lexington Baptist College (KY)
Some Sermons & Sunday School Lessons

Persecution of Baptists in Early Virginia History
By William Fristoe, 1808

Baptist Lay Elders in the Churches
There are two essays

Baptists and the American Civil War
A collection of information posted on this site
that is related to the American Civil War

"A Compendium of the Minutes of the
Warren Baptist Association [New England]
from its Formation in 1767 to the year 1825."

A Defense of the Philadelphia Confession of Faith
Pillars of Orthodoxy, 1900
By T. T. Eaton

Our Invitation
First Baptist Church, Murray, KY, 1970s

A Century Sermon, 1807
Philadelphia Baptist Association
By Rev. Samuel Jones

"The Good Confession"
A Centennial Sermon
by James A. Kirtley, 1875.
Preached the year prior to our nation's 100th Anniversary.

The Duty of Baptists to Teach Their Distinctive Views
By John A. Broadus, D. D., 1880

The First Four Professsors of The Southern Baptist Seminary
Memoir of James P. Boyce
By John A Broadus, 1893

Kentucky General Association Meetings, 1902

A Catechism of Bible Teaching
John A. Broadus, D. D., L.L.D.

A Catechism for Little Children

What Baptists Have Done for the World
Pillars of Orthodoxy, 1900
By John T. Christian, D.D.

Distinctive Baptist Principles
By B. H. Carroll

Nature of the Church
I. K. Cross, 1990

Wayne E. Ward on Baptist Baptism
Baptist Record, 1967

Baptist Church Membership in the South in 1861
From the Tennessee Baptist

Southern Baptist Convention Resolutions at the
Beginnning of the American Civil War - 1861

By Samuel Boykin, 1881

Western Baptist Theological Institute
Covington, Kentucky

There are several essays.

History of the Baptized Ministers and Churches
in Kentucky, &c, Friends to Humanity

By Carter Tarrant, V.D.M., 1808
This is a History of Emancipationist Baptists PDF Format
Provided by Charles Tarrants, New Delhi, NY.

Church Discipline
From British and American Circular Letters
A collection of essays

Comments on Discipline in the
Early English Baptist Churches

J. M. Cramp's Baptist History, 1871 edition

Reviews of Cramp's Baptist History
There are two Reviews One by Spurgeon

Added 1.28.09
Baptist - Why and Why Not
J. M. Frost, Editor
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Retaining our Baptist Name
By Davis Huckabee
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