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      Google Books has digitized many old Baptist books. There are 200 linked below. There are history, biography, theology and sermons. They are listed in alphabetical order by author. You may view (and search) or download them.
      There are also 52 Baptist Magazines / Journals here.

ABPS, The Baptist Manual, 1849 - [Designed For The Use Of Families].
Adams, George F., History of Baptist Churches in Maryland . . . , 1885.
Adams, John Q., Baptists, the Only Thorough Religious Reformers, 1876.
Adlam, Samuel, The First Baptist Church in Providence, [RI] Not the Oldest. . . , 1850.
Adlam, Samuel; Graves, J. R., Editor, Trials and Sufferings for Religious Liberty in New England, 1858.
Angus, Joseph, Christ Our Life: In Its Origin, Law and End, 1853.
Angus, Joseph, The Bible Hand-book: An Introduction to the Study of Sacred Scripture, 1856.
Armitage, Thomas, A History of the Baptists . . ., 1887.
Asplund, John, The Universal Register of the Baptist Denomination . . . 1790-1794, 1794.
Backus, Isaac, A History of New-England with Particular Reference . . . to Baptists, Volume I, 1777; Volume II.
Backus, Isaac, An Abridgment of the Church History of New England, 1602-1804 , 1804.
Baker, John C., Baptist History of the North Pacific Coast, 1912.
Baldwin, Thomas, The Baptism of Believers only and the Particular Communion of the Baptist Churches, 2nd ed., 1806.
BAPTIST MAGAZINES and JOURNALS, An Index that links to Nineteenth Century Periodicals. (There are 52.)
Beddome, Benjamin, Sermons, with Brief Memoir of Rev. Benjamin Beddome, 1835 [British].
Benedict, David, A General History of the Baptist Denomination . . . Volume I; Volume II, 1813.
Benedict, David, A General History of the Baptist Denomination . . . , 1848.
Benedict, David, Fifty Years Among the Baptists, 1860 [Text Format].
Benedict, David History of the Donatists, 1875.
Booth, Abraham, An Apology for the Baptists, 1808.
Booth, Abraham. The Works of Abraham Booth, Volume I, 1813.
Booth, Abraham, Paedobaptism Examined: With Replies to the Argument . . . , 1829.
Booth, Abraham, The Reign of Grace, From its Rise to its Consummation, 1838.
Broadus, John A., A Treatise on the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons, 1894.
Broadus, John A., Memoir of James P. Boyce, 1893.
Brown, J. Newton, The Baptismal Balance, 1853.
Brown, J. Newton, Memorials of Baptist Martyrs, 1854.
Brown, Louise F., The Political Activities of the Baptists and Fifth Monarchy Men in England . . ., 1913.
Burleson, Georgia J., Compiler, The Life and Writings of Rufus C. Burleson, 1901. [Texas Baptist]
Burrage, Champlin, The Early English Dissenters in the Light of Recent Research - (1550-1641), Vol. I, 1912.
Burrage, Henry S., The Act of Baptism in the History of the Christian Church, 1879
Burrage, Henry S., A History of the Baptists in New England, 1894.
Burrage, Henry S., Baptist Hymn Writers and Their Hymns, 1888.
Burrows, John Lansing, American Baptist Register for 1852, 1853.
Campbell, J. H., Georgia Baptists: Historical and Biographical, 1874.
Carey, Eustace, Memoir of William Carey, D. D., Late Missionary to Bengal . . ., 1837.
Carson, Alexander, Baptism in Its Mode and Subjects, 5th Edition, 1860.
Carson, Alexander, History of Providence, 1840.
Cathcart, William, The Baptists and the American Revolution, 1876.
Cathcart, William, The Papal System, 1872.
Centennial Memorial of the First Baptist Church, Hartford, CT, 1890.
Clement, J., Memoir of Adonimram Judson, 1854 [Missionary].
Conant, Thomas, Autobiography of Rev. Thomas Conant, 1861.
Cone, Edward W., Some Account of the Life of Spencer Houghton Cone, 1859
Cook, R. B., The Early and Later Delaware Baptists, 1880.
Cramp, J. M., Baptist History: From the Foundation of the Christian Church to . . . , 1871.
Cranfill, J. B., Dr. J. B. Cranfill's Chronicles: A Story of Life in Texas, 1916.
Crocker, Henry, History of the Baptists in Vermont, 1913.
Crosby, Thomas, The History of the English Baptists, Volume I, 1738; Volume II, 1739; Volume III, 1740; Volume IV, 1740.
Cummins, Ebenezer E., Annals of the Baptist Churches of New Hampshire, 1836.
Dargan, Edwin C., Ecclesiology, A Study of the Churches, 1905
Davis, J., History of the Welsh Baptists, from A. D. 63 to 1770, 1835.
Dayton, A. C., Pedobaptist and Campbellite Immersions, 1858.
Dayton, A. C., Theolosia Ernst; or Heroine of Faith, 4th Edition, 1871
Delke, James A., History of the North Carolina Chowan Baptist Association, 1806-1881, 1882.
Denison, Frederic, Notes on the Baptists and their Prinicples in Norwich, CT to 1850, 1857.
Duncan, William C., A Brief History of the Baptists and Their Distinctives, Principles and Practices, 1855
Dunlevy, A. H., History of Miami Baptist Association from 1797, 1869 (Ohio) - [Text Format].
Evans, Benjamin, The Early English Baptists, Volume I, 1862; Volume II, 1864.
Freedom, Charles F., Documentary History of the Struggle for Religious Freedom in Virginia, 1900.
Fuller, Andrew Gunton, Andrew Fuller, 1882.
Fuller, Andrew & Ryland, John, Memoirs of the Late Rev. Samuel Pearce, A. M., 1809
Fuller, Benjamin F., History of Texas Baptists, 1900.
Fuller, Richard, Sermons, 1860 - (There are 13).
Gammell, William, A History of American Baptist Missions in Asia, Africa, Europe & North America , 1854.
Gano, John, Biographical Memoirs of the Late Rev. John Gano, 1806.
Gill, John, Infant Baptism a Part and Pillar of Popery; Revised & Edited by George B. Ide, 1851.
Gillette, A. D., Minutes of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1707-1807, 1851.
Goadby, Joseph J., Bye-Paths in Baptist History - (A Collection of Interesting, Instructive and . . . ), 1871.
Graham, Balus J. W., Baptist Biography, Volume I; Volume II, 1920.
Graves, J. R., Old Landmarkism, What Is It?, 1880.
Graves, J. R., The Trilemma, 1860.
Graves, J. R., Ditzler, Jacob, The Graves-Ditzler Debate , On Baptist / Methodist Doctrines, 1876.
Griffith, John T., Rev. Morgan John Rhys, Welsh Baptist Hero, 1899
Griffiths, Thomas S., A History of Baptists in New Jersey, 1904.
Grime, J. H., History of Middle Tennessee Baptists . . ., 1920.
Haldane, Alexander, Memoirs of the Lives of Robert Haldane and James Alexander Haldane, 1853.
Hansell, George H., Reminisences of Baptist Churches and Baptist Leaders in NYC, 1899.
Harvey, Hezekiah, The Church: its Polity and Ordinances, 1879.
Haskell, Samuel, Heroes and Heirarchs: Or Biblical Principles as Held by Baptists . . . Religious Liberty, 1899.
Haynes, Dudley C., The Baptist Denomination: Its History, Doctrines and Ordinances, 1856.
Haynes, Thomas W., Haynes' Baptist Cyclopaedia, or Dictionary of Baptist Biography, 1848.
Hillyer, S. G., Reminiscences of Georgia Baptists, 1902.
Hinton, Isaac Taylor, A History Of Baptism, 1849.
Hiscox, Edward T., The New Directory for Baptist Churches, 1894.
Holcombe, Hosea, A History of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in Alabama, 1840.
Hooke, Joseph, A Necessary Apology for the Baptized Believers, 1701.
Hovey, Alvah, A Memoir of the Life and Times of the Rev. Isaac Backus, 1859.
Hovey, Alvah, Editor, The Madison Avenue Lectures (NYC), 1867 [18 doctrinal lectures by Baptists]
Howell, Robert B. C., The Deaconship, 1851.
Howell, Robert B. C., The Early Baptists of Virginia: An Address, 1857
Ivimey, Joseph, A History of the English Baptists, Volume IV, 1830.
Ivimey, Joseph, A Brief History of the Dissenters, 1827.
Jenkins, Charles A., Baptist Doctrines, 1881.
Jeter, Jeremiah B., A Memoir of Mrs. Henrietta (Hall) Shuck, 1850 - [Missionary to China].
Jones, William, An Essay on the Life and Writings of Mr. Abraham Booth, 1808.
Jones, William The History of the Waldenses, 1816.
Jones, William, Ecclesiastical History, Volume I, 1831; Volume II, 1838; Volume III, 1838.
Judson, Adoniram, Christian Baptism: A Sermon on Christian Baptism, With Many Quotations . . ., 1846.
Keach, Benjamin, Travels of True Godliness, Revised by Howard Malcolm + Memoir, 1831.
King, Alonzo, Memoir of George Dana Boardman, Late Missionary to Burmah, 1848.
King, Henry Melville, Rev. John Myles and the Founding of the First Baptist Church in Massachesetts, 1905.
Knowles, James D., Memoir of Mrs. Ann H. Judson, Late Missionary to Burmah . . ., 1838.
Louthan, Henry T., The American Baptist Pulpit . . . Beginning of 20th Century, 1903.
Lynd, Sanuel W., Memoir of the Rev William Staughton, D. D., 1834.
Mallary, Charles D., Memoirs of Elder Jesse Mercer, 1844.
Manly, Basil, Jr., The Bible Doctrine of Inspiration Explained and Vindicated, 1888.
Maple, J. C. & Rider, R. P., Missouri Baptist Biography, Volume II, 1916; Volume III, 1918
Marshman, John C., The Life and Times of Carey, Marshman and Ward: . . . Volume II, 1859 - Missionaries.
McCoy, Issac, History of Baptist Indian Missions: Embracing Remarks . . ., 1840.
McGlothlin, William J., Baptist Confessions of Faith, 1911.
McGlothlin, William J., Editor, Publications of the Kentucky Baptist History Society, #1, 1910.
Mell, Patrick Hues, Jr., Life of Patrick Hues Mell, 1895
Merriam, Edmund F.,
A History of American Baptist Missions, 1900.
Middleditch, Robert T., A Pedobaptist Church No Home for A Baptist: An Argument, 1851.
Millet, Joshua, A History of the Baptists in Maine: Together with . . . , 1845.
Missouri Baptist Centennial, (There are Eight Historical Documents), 1906.
Mitchell, S. H., Historical Sketches of Iowa Baptists, 1886.
Morris. J. W., Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Rev. Andrew Fuller, 1830.
Muston, Alexis, The Israel of the Alps, Volume I, Trans. by John Montgomery, 1866.
Newman, Albert H., A History of the Baptist Churches in the U. S. , 1894.
Newman, Albert H., A History of Anti-Pedobaptism to 1609, 1902.
Orme, William, Editor, Remarkable Passages in the Life of William Kiffin, 1823.
Patrick, Wiley J., The History of the Salt River Baptist Association, Missouri, 1909.
Peck, John & Lawton, John, Historical Sketch of the Baptist Missionary Convention . . . in New York, 1837.
Pendleton, J. M., Distinctive Principles of Baptists, 1882.
Pike, G. Holden, Charles Haddon Spurgeon: Preacher, Author, Philanthropist - . . . Reminiscences, 1892.
Prichard, George, Memoir of the Life and Writings of the Rev. Joseph Ivimey, 1835.
Purefoy, George W., History of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association, 1859.
Putnam, Mary B., The Baptists and Slavery - 1840-1845, 1913.
Ray, David B., Baptist Succession, 1871.
Ridoutt, F., Early Baptist History of Portsmouth [England] and the Formation of . . .Churches in Town, 1888.
Riley, Benjamin F., A History of Texas Baptists, 1907.
Robertson, A. T., The Life and Letters of John Albert Broadus, 1901.
Robinson, Robert, A History of Baptism, Edited by David Benedict, 1817.
Ryland, John, Jr., The Work of Faith, The Labor of Love, and the Patience of Hope . . . of Andrew Fuller, 1818.
Ryland, John,
The Life and Death of the Rev. Andrew Fuller, 1818
Saunders, Edward, M., History of the Baptists of the Maritime Provinces , 1902.
Semple, Robert B., A History of the Rise and Progress of the Baptists in Virginia, Revised . . . by G. W. Beal, 1894.
Simms, James M., The First Colored Baptist Church in North America, 1888.
Shanafelt, Thomas M., The Baptist History of South Dakota, 1899.
Smith, George, The Life of William Carey, D. D. - Shoemaker and Missionary, 1885.
Smith, J. Torrey, The Scriptural and Historical Arguments for Infant Baptism Examined, 1850.
Smith, S. F., Missionary Sketches: A Concise History of the Work of the American Baptist Missionary Union, 1885.
Spencer, David, The Early Baptists of Philadelphia, 1877.
Sprague, William B., Annals of the American Pulpit - Baptists, 1860 - (Bios & Sermons).
Spurgeon, Charles H., The Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon, Volume I, 1834-1854, 1898; Volume III (1856-1878), 1899.
Spurgeon, Charles H., Links to Books by him. [Ten at this time]
Stevens, John, Brief Historical Sketch of the Western Baptist Theological Institute, Covington, KY, 1850
Stimson, H. K., From the Stage Coach to the Pulpit, 1874 - Pioneer in NY and KS.
Stock, John History of the Baptised Independent and Congregational Church Meeting in Salendine Nook Chapel, Huddersfield, England,
Stock, John, A Handbook of Revealed Theology, Fourth Edition, (Preface by C. H. Spurgeon), 1883.
Stott, William T., Indiana Baptist History: 1798-1908, 1908.
Strong, Augustus H., Systematic Theology, Volumes I-III, 1907.
Stuart, Moses, Is the Mode of Christian Baptism Prescribed in the New Testament?, 1855 - Intro. by J. R. Graves.
Sturbridge Assoc., History of the Baptist Churches Composing the Sturbridge Association (MA) to 1843, 1844.
Taylor, Adam, The History of the English General Baptists, Volume I, 1818.
Taylor, George B., Virginia Baptist Ministers, 4th Series, 1913; 5th Series, 1915.
Taylor, James B., Lives of Virginia Baptist Ministers, 1838
Thom, William T., The Struggle for Religious Freedom in Virginia: The Baptists, 1900.
Tong, H. F., Historical Sketch of the Baptists of Southeast Missouri, 1888.
Trowbridge, Mary E. D., History of Baptists in Michigan, 1909.
Tupper, Henry A., Editor, Two Centuries of the First Baptist Church of South Carolina, 1683-1883, 1889.
Underhill, Edward B., Struggles and Triumphs of Religious Liberty, 1858.
Underhill, Edward B., editor, Confessions of Faith . . . Baptist Churches of England, 1854.
Underhill, Edward B., editor, Records of the Baptist Church Meeting at Broadmead, Bristol, 1640-1678, 1857.
Underhill, Edward B., editor, Records of Baptist Churches . . . at Fenstanton, Warboys and Hexham, 1644-1720, 1854.
Underhill, Edward B., editor, Tracts on Liberty of Conscience, 1614-1661, 1846.
Van Braght, T. J., A Martyrology of the Churches of Christ Commonly Called Baptists, Volume I; Volume II, trans. 1853.
Vedder, Henry C., History of the Baptists in the Middle States, 1898.
Walker, J. L. and Lumpkin, C. P., History of the Waco Baptist Association of Texas, 1897
Wayland, Francis, Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches, 1857.
Wayland, Francis, A Memoir of the Life and Letters of Adoniram Judson , 1853.
Williams, Charles, The Principles and Practices of the Baptists, 1880.
Wood, Nathan E. The History of the First Baptist Church of Boston (1665-1899), 1899.
Yeaman, W. Pope, A History of the Missouri Baptist Association, 1899.

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