3D Text with real shadow..
3D Text
First make a new image 250x150 pixels, then type some words like below:
Go to Layer>Type>Render Layer to render the layer. Hold down the CTRL key and click on the "3D" layer. Your words will be selected.
Go to Select>Save Selection, follow the options below:
Select>Deselect, the selection on the word just now will disappear.
Go to
Filter>Blur>Motion Blur, use this settings:
Angle =
Distance =
Click ok

Now go to
Select>Load Selection to load the selection you saved just now.
Select the
Alpha 1 channel.
Hold CTRL+ALT then press I (Select>Inverse), then press delete to delete outside the word, your image should look like this now:
Then Select>Deselect
Go to Filter>Render>Lighting Effects, follow the options below exactly:
Now the the words are done, we only need to add some shadows.
Right click on the "3D" Layer and select
Duplicate Layer, then click OK

Now the layer palletes will have another layer called "3D copy".
You're not done, click NEXT to contunue...