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By John Taylor, 1823

J. H. Spencer in his A History of Kentucky Baptists says, Taylor's book "is, by far, the most valuable contribution that has yet been made to the history of the early Baptists of Kentucky." Spencer further says of John Taylor, "His name and labors are interwoven with the whole texture of Baptist history in central Kentucky, from 1783-1835." (1885), Vol. I, p. 63.

"In fifty years past I suppose I have traveled at least an hundred thousand miles, and chiefly on the business of preaching . . . ." John Taylor, Ten Churches, p. 160.

Title Page

Preface (To the First Edition)

South River Church
Chapter 1

Lunies Creek Church
Chapter 2

Gilbert's Creek Church
Chapter 3

South Elkhorn Church
Chapter 4

Clear Creek Church
Chapter 5

Bullittsburg Church
Chapter 6

Corn Creek Church
Chapter 7

Big Spring Church
Chapter 8

Frankfort Church
Chapter 9

Buck Run Church
Chapter 10

Appendix, to Clear Creek Church

John Taylor's Conversion and Call to the Ministry

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