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      Editor's note: The following notice is from the Boone County Recorder, January 6, 1876. It was no doubt sent to all the local newspapers in Kentucky to try to retrive Baptist records destroyed. The article was on the front page at the top of the page.

Baptists, Notice!
Boone County Recorder, 1876

      By the burning of Broadway Baptist Church, all our centennial records, correspondence, list of ministers with their Postoffice address, numbering nearly seven, and our books in which the churches were charged with the roll books received, were consumed. The loss has been a very heavy one. We would urge you to send us a copy of the minutes for 1872 of all your associations; also the name of each church which has received a roll book and the brother in each church to whom we must charge it, together with his Postoffice; and we would ask every Baptist minister to send his Postoffice address on a postal card, naming the association to which he belongs. And we would also ask the clerks of the churches, in giving the name of the church which has received a roll book, &c., to name the association to which the church belongs. We can only hope through you, to have the injury repaired. We beg you to act promptly. Address, Rev. J. L. Burrows, Corresponding Secretary, Louisville, Ky.


[Document provided by my son, James K. Duvall.]

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