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A Short History of North Bend Baptist Association
By Jim Duvall

      The nine churches comprising the North Bend Association at its constitution were located in Campbell [Kenton was still a part of Campbell], Boone and Pendleton counties. They met at Dry Creek Baptist meeting house in what is now Kenton County on July 29, 1803. Among the leading ministers of the organization were: Alexander Monroe, Lewis Deweese, Josiah Herbert, William Cave, Moses Vickers, and Thomas Griffin. There were a total of 429 members in these churches at that time. By 1825 there were 25 churches with 1,656 members.

      In 1827 eight churches were dismissed to organize the Campbell County Baptist Association. In 1831 four churches were dismissed to help form the Ten-Mile Baptist Association. In 1840 six churches withdrew from North Bend and formed the Salem Predestinarian Baptist Association. These churches were anti-missionary and extremely Calvinistic in their doctrine.

      In 1841 North Bend Association had only six churches with a total of 611 members. It grew in churches and members from that time so that by the end of the century there were eighteen churches with over 3,000 members.

      The Campbell County and North Bend Associations have now merged and the name is Northern Kentucky Baptist Association.


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