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Fifth Year Anniversary Month

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"Controversies of the Early Baptists of Virginia"
By Robert Boyle C. Howell, 1857

The Crawford H. Toy Controversy, 1879
By Robert A. Baker

The Issue of Slavery Emancipation
in Early Kentucky Baptist Churches - 1807

Kentucky Baptist History, 1770 -- 1922
By William Dudley Nowlin

Thoughts on Missions, 1820
by John Taylor
Kentucky Frontier Baptist Preacher

The Missions/Anti-Missions Controversy
in the Miami Baptist Association (OH)

By G. W. Lasher, 1898

The Missions and Anti-Missions Controversy
in Kentucky Baptists from 1832 to 1842

Kentucky Baptist History, 1770 - 1922
By Willam Dudley Nowlin

Circular Letter, 1846
Lebanon Baptist Association, Virginia
A Missions/Anti-missions Controversy

The Division between Elkhorn and Licking Associations (KY)
By Basil Manly, Jr., 1878

Campellism and Baptist Controversies
There are several essays.

Old Landmarkism
There are several essays.

The William Whitsitt Controversy
on Baptist Baptism

There are several essays.

The Bible Translation Controversy About Baptism in the 1830s

What was the "Fruit of the Vine" Which Jesus Gave
His Disciples at the Institution of the Supper?

by Alvah Hovey, 1887

Should Women Speak in Mixed Public Assemblies?
By John A. Broadus, D.D., L.L. D.

Does Baptism Admit To Membership In a Gospel Church?
By Samuel H. Ford, 1899

Essays On Roger Williams
There are two essays questioning
whether Williams was a Baptist.

A Defence of the Doctrines of Grace in a Series of Letters To Judge [Henry] Davidge,
in Reply to that Gentleman's Publication Addressed to the "Advocates of a Partial Gospel."

By Archibald Cameron, Minister of the Gospel, 1816

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