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In Memoriam - Revs. S. M. Adams, T. L. Utz and Lafayette Johnson

Whereas, It has pleased our Heavenly Father to take from us our beloved brethren and faithful ministers of the Gospel, S. M. Adams, who died July 2nd, 1908, and T. L. Utz, who departed this life August 12th, 1908.

Resolved, That while our hearts are filled sorrow, we bow in humble submission to the will of the Lord, in taking from us these three brethren so wise in council and faithful to the trust reposed in them as ministers of the Word.

Resolved, That we express our gratitude to God for their labors and service of love in the bounds of our Association and praise Him for the sacred and blessed memory their lives and ministry have left to us.

Resolved, That we hereby express our sympathy to the bereaved families of [these] deceased brethren, and that these resolutions together with a short biography of each of our brethren be published in the minutes of our Associaiton as an expression of our appreciation of their worth.

Rev. Samuel M. Adams
Dr. Samuel M. Adams died July 2, 1908, at his home in Walton, Kentucky, where he had resided for several years. For a long time he had been in failing health, but finally his case became more serious and while all was done for him that loving friends and skill could do, the time came for him to lay down his armour and go from labor to rest.

He was born at Big Bone Springs, Boone County, Kentucky, September 30, 1851; united with the Big Bone Baptist Church, Friday, November 24, 1882, and was baptized by Elder James A. Kirtley, pastor of the church. [In 1899, Bro. S. M. Adams was called as pastor of Beaver Lick Baptist Church; a request was received from that church asking for his ordination. - jrd] He was ordained to the full work of the Gospel Ministry at Big Bone Church, July 29, 1889. He had been a successful physician and gave up a lucrative practice to preach the gospel. Bro. Adams was a faithful minister, popular with the churches and much loved by all. For several years he was chairman of the Executive Board of North Bend Association, and also Vice-Moderator of the body, holding the latter office at the time of his death. He was a true friend, kind, courteous, forbearing and charitable towards all, and his life was a benediction to all who knew him.

Rev. T. L. Utz
Tandy Lee Utz was born December 13, 1856, and passed from earth to glory August 12, 1908. He was a member of Big Bone Baptist Church and united with that church November 19, 1882, was ordained to the Gospel Ministry January, 1889. His first pastorate was at East Bend Church, then at Florence and Burlington. In the fall of 1891 he accepted the care of the church at Belleview, where he labored, preaching two Sundays in each month for eight years. During this time he was also pastor at Burlington, Sand Run, East Bend, and Rising Sun, Indiana. At the end of this period he was forced by failing health to give up the active work of the ministry for some seven years. In a measure regaining his health, he again entered the work serving Gunpowder first and shortly afterward Sand Run, giving each church two Sundays a month. In the fall of 1907, he resigned these churches to again take up his old charge at Belleview. He began his labors with this church on the first of January, 1908, but was only permitted to labor with the people whom he knew so long and loved so well and who were so loyal and faithful to him, a few months, when God said, "It is enough, come up higher."

Bro. Utz had a clear conception of the teaching of God's Word, was a preacher of much power, a man of a kind and lovable disposition, and above all full of faith and the Holy Spirit. God blessed his labors and he has left behind him the savour of a good life, and the benediction of his ministry will long rest upon the field where he was permitted to labor.
* * *

History of Big Bone Baptist Church By T. L. Utz.

Rev. Lafayette Johnson
Whereas, it has pleased God in His Providence to remove from us since the last meeting of our Association our beloved brother and fellow-servant, Rev. Lafayette Johnson, who though not a member of this body, was, through a long and active life, instrumental under God in doing much within our bounds in organizing churches and maintaining them in the ways of the Lord, and was for so many years often with us in our annual gathering.

Resolved, That we bow with humbleness and reconciliation to the will of the Lord in calling our brother from the labors of earth to the joys of heaven, and while we mourn his loss give thanks to our God for his life ministry and the works that follow his labors.

Resolved, That we sympathize with the family of [our] deceased brother and all those who mourn him as a father and leader in Israel, and that these resolutions be spread upon our minutes as a token of our esteem and appreciation of him.

Another bio of Johnson here.
[North Bend Baptist Association Minutes, September 1908, pp. 5-6. - jrd]

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