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Early Boone County Baptist Ministers
[Ordained and Licensed]

      Up until 1870 the association marked its Minutes for ordained ministers by CAPITALS and those licensed by italics; thereafter it is difficult to determine the ministers. The following ministers were listed; the list is by date. - jrd

[l] Licensed; [o] Ordained; the church name is where they served; the year is the first year they were listed in the Association.

John Taylor, [o] Bullittsburg 1794
George Eve, [o] Bullittsburg 1795
James Lee, [l] Bullittsburg
Lewis Deweese, [o] Bullittsburg 1800
Christopher Wilson, [o] Middle Creek 1805; Bullittsburg; Forks of Gunpowder
Isaac Rentfro, [o] Bullittsburg 1805
Chichester Matthews, [l] Bullittsburg 1808, [o] 1813
John Watts, [l] Middle Creek 1808, [o] 1812
Thomas Henderson, [o] Bullittsburg 1810
Absalom Graves, [o] Bullittsburg 1812
Weden Sleet, [l] Mudlick 1812, [o] 1813
Robert Garnett, [o] Middle Creek
Cornelius M'Laughlin, [o] Bethel 1813
Lewis Conner, [o] Forks of Gunpowder 1813
Wm. Montague, [l] Bullittsburg 1814; [o] Sand Run 1819
Landon Robinson, [l] Bullittsburg 1814; [o] Sand Run 1826
Moses Vickers, [o] Forks of Gunpowder 1814
Francis Craig, [l] Middle Creek 1816; [o] East Bend 1839
James Dicken, [l] Bullittsburg 1819, [o] 1821
Robert Kirtley, [l] Bullittsburg 1819, [o] 1822
William Garnett, [l] Middle Creek 1819
James Finnell, [l] Mudlick 1819; Salem 1825, [o] Salem 1839
Philip Roberts, [l] Mudlick 1819; Salem 1827
Daniel Baldwin, [l] Bethel 1819
Jameson Hawkins, [l] Middle Creek 1821
Thomas Whitaker, [l] Sand Run 1822
William Whitaker, [l] Sand Run 1823, [o] 1828
Blackstone L. Abernathy, [l] East Bend 1824
John Case, [l] Salem 1828
Joseph Botts, [l] Bullittsburg 1831
William Hodges, [l] East Bend 1831
John Riddle, [l] Salem 1832
Jesse Terril, [l] East Bend 1833 (also Terrell)
Daniel Baldwin, [l] Bethel 1833
John Underhill, [l] Forks of Gunpowder 1834, [o] 1837
Zadok Stephenson, [l] 1834 Salem
Reuben Stephenson, [l] 1838 Salem
James A Kirtley, [l] Bullittsburg 1843; [o] 1846
Charles S. Carter, [l] Middle Creek 1843, [o] 1850
Calvin Garnett, [l] Middle Creek 1843; [o] 1850
George H. Scott, [l] Burlington 1843; Big Bone 1848, [o] Big Bone 1849
P. C. Scott, [l] Burlington 1843; [o] 1847
J. H. Carter, [o] Middle Creek 1851
F. German, [o] Sand Run 1865
Ben. Terrill, [o] Sand Run 1865
Robt. E. Kirtley, [o] Sand Run 1867
J. C. Graves, [o] Bullittsburg 1868
C. C. Graves, [o] Sand Run 1870
Clark King, [o] Burlington 1870
R. K. Graves, [o] Burlington 1870

50 ordained and licensed ministers

      The Northbend Baptist Association was organized in 1803.


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