Bioinformatics in a post-genomics age. Seven article series on bioinformatics careers from Nature (27 Sep 97).

Careers in Computer Modeling in Biology. This section at Science Magazine's NextWave site (Aug 97) has several features about careers in computer modeling, including profiles of several scientists currently employed in the field.

As Genomics Grows, Future For Bioinformatics Is Bright. This article fromThe Scientist (Jul 97) discusses career opportunities in bioinformatics and includes interviews with scientists who have made the transition from bench to computer.

Bioinformatics Skills. What employers want, profiles of successful bioinformaticists, web resources, and bioinformatics in the post-genomics era. From Science Magazine's NextWave (Feb 97).

Careers in Bioinformatics. Includes information on academic programs, fellowships, and profiles of six bioinformaticians. From Science Magazine's NextWave (Jul 96).


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