For scientists, jobs are very difficult to find these days. This site aims to provide scientists with information on traditional and alternative careers with both links and featured guest essays by scientists who offer their wisdom on how to find a job, what their jobs are like, and other topics of interest.

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Science Careers Information for College & High School Students

Traditional Science Careers (Ph.D. level):
Traditional science careers include professorships at research- or teaching-oriented universities and colleges. Research scientist positions in private industry are far more common now than twenty years ago and so are among today's typical career choices for Ph.D. level scientists.

Professor, research emphasis
Professor/Instructor, undergraduate teaching emphasis
Research scientist, private sector

Alternative Science Careers:
What is an alternative science career? It is probably a job that an early stage graduate student would never have predicted for his/her future, but yet in some way is related to science and so makes use of the individual's scientific training. This group of careers includes jobs in science industry away from the bench, e.g. in computational biology, regulatory affairs, marketing, sales, technical support and business development. Other examples are technical writer, patent attorney, patent agent, public policy specialist, science journalist, and science textbook editor.

For a compilation of general links and information on alternative careers for scientists, as well as specialized pages with collections of links about careers in Patent Law, Technology Transfer, Public Policy, Science Writing and Journalism, Science Education, and Bioinformatics/Biocomputing, please visit our Alternative Careers Launch Page.

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