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Voices from the Right

Know thyself. Nothing in excess.

 [Warning sign:  Entering Original Thought Zone] DANGER: NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED! This page contains opinions on a number of controversial issues. I happen to be a Pagan, rather traditionalist and Apollonian, and my social views are relatively conservative. So, this basically means that I'll be goring quite a few sacred cows. You may simply check out what you feel you will like, and ignore the rest; this works for most people. But if you have preconceptions of how Pagans ought to think, or have preconceptions of what Conservatives should believe in, then your reaction (depending on how much you feel folks are entitled to their own opinions) may vary anywhere from surprise to apoplexy. And, my own commentary contains lots of sarcasm and dry humor. Those who can't handle this might like to go some place more comfortable. Don't say I didn't warn you. And, toward the bottom, there are some off-site links which are pretty gross (and they're marked as such). Lastly, it should go without saying that not all the authors of the web pages I linked agree with everything I say, or that they agree with everything said in any other pages linked here. But I'll say it anyway.

In case you're wondering, green text denotes content at this website (mostly my own writings); all others are off-site links. Stop by soon, because I plan to be adding more original content.

Features at Voices from the Right:
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Here are all the controversial topics your mom told you never to talk about:

 [Torch Bearer (picture cropped to meet Geocities guidelines)] Politics - turning sacred cows into nice, juicy burgers

 [Demi Moore, Dea Magna] Religion - Mankind's quest for the Divine; our greatest source of profundity and silliness alike

 [Freud:  Zometimes a zeegar ist CHUST a zeegar.    Monica:  Oh, yeah?] Sex - the propagation of the species, the waste of a lot of time

 [Sheet of money] Money - <SARCASM>why a million dollars will make you a better human being</SARCASM>

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And here are some less controversial topics (arguably so, of course!):

 [Little ice cube] What's Cool - some of my faves

 [Three Stooges] My Friends - and no, not all of them endorse all of my views. Do you require that of yours?

 [ENIAC:  the first electronic computer] Computing - after five decades of technological progress, the common man now has the power to stand up before an audience of millions and say "Me too!"

 [Pictures of Wisdom] Pet Peeves

 [Conehead Animation] End Of File - Proof that some people have too much money and/or time on their hands
WARNING! Some of this stuff is pretty grotesque!

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Other items

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All the original works at this site (including HTML presentation, writings, and graphics) are copyright 1997-2000 by, all rights reserved. If you want to use something of mine, just ask, and I'll let you know if you may use it. The following are acknowledgements for other sources -- this list is expected to grow.

The warning logo at the top is an original work of mine, but some elements were copied from the Manual of Traffic Signs, by Richard C. Moeur.

"Pictures of Wisdom" is an original work of mine constructed out of two graphics which are in the public domain, and two graphics which are copyrights of MTV. "Conehead Animation" is another derivative creation of mine. I don't know who did the original animated sequence of smileys. Marshall Applewhite's picture comes from one of his videos, and he hasn't e-mailed me back on whether or not it's okay to use it -- perhaps the POP3 server in his flying saucer is on the fritz.

The background music is Arcangelo Corelli's Variations on La Follia (Opus 5 number 12). If the music doesn't load automatically, you may click here. If even that doesn't do it, your computer simply might not be configured to play MIDI files. (If it loaded and you don't want to hear it, you could always configure your browser not to play sounds, or simply turn down the speakers.) The MIDI transcription is by William Thomas Sherman -- GunJones1 <at> This file, along with many other fine works, may be found at the Classical MIDI Archives.

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