Stripes Text
Make a new image and using these options:
Width:           300 pixels
Height:         200 pixels
Mode:           RGB color
Contents:    White

Type some words like below:
Then Layer>Type>Render Layer to render the layer.
Then select  the Airbrush Tool Then in the options palletes, follow this:
Use the number 35 brush, use green color for your foreground, and white for background.
Hold down the CTRL key and click on the "HS" layer, your image should be like this:
Create a new layer, use the airbrush tool, from bottom left to top right, brush some stripes like below:
Now go to Layer>Effects>Bevel and Emboss, follow the options below:
Now go back to the "HS" layer by cliking on the "HS" layer. Also apply effects to this layer Layer>Effects>Bevel and Emboss, follow this options:
Next apply drop shadow to the same layer ("HS" layer), then finally you are DONE!