Make Money (Free!)
Get $0.70 per hour of surfing the Net
The SpediaBar is a free software application that lets you earn money while you surf the Internet. It's a small bar that docks next to your browser (Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer) and displays advertising.* You earn one point for each minute you have your SpediaBar open and you actively browse the Internet with normal surfing behavior. This amounts to $0.70 per hour if you are a Premier member. $0.40 per hour if you are a normal member.
Make money by referring people to join Spedia
You can refer as many relatives and friends as you want. The SpediaBar referral system does not have a matching surfing requirement at this time. You will get paid for all your referrals' surfing time, regardless of how long you surf. (Member referral bonuses are applicable ONLY to point balances generated through the usage of the SpediaBar.) You get 10% from what they earn, if you have lots of referrers, you earn a lot from them!
What you need to do......
All you need to do is go to to sign up first.
When you're at the sign up page, below of the page you must enter
520305 for the reference number beacause you came from my page.
After you sign up completely, you can download a software called "Spedia Bar",
when you are surfing with the spedia bar, the bar will display some advertisement,
for one advertisement you see you will get 1 point.
Then later, you can see the FAQ
Sign up now! I'ts Free!
anyone from any country can earn and get check

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