ICE Text
First make a new image width 300 height 200 pixels,  select the Graycscale mode, then click OK.
Color the background and make the background to black color.
Go to Window>Show Channels,  create a new channel, the new channel will automatically named "Alpha 1".

In the "Alpha 1" channel, type some letters, try to use bigger letters and more spacing.
I use 180 size, Haettenschweiler fonts, tracking 80.
Then click the "Black" channel, go to Window>Show Layer, then fill the selection with white color.

Your letters will become white now.
Go to Image>Rotate Canvas>90 CW, to rotate the words.
Now your image is rotated, add some effects
This time go to Image>Rotate Canvas>90 CWW, to rotate back the words.
Add another effects Filter>Stylize>Diffuse
Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur, use Radius: 1 pixels

Go to Image>Mode>Indexed Color, then go to Image>Mode>Color Table

In the color table choose Blackbody
Now the words looks like fire,......FIRE? Wait, you are not done yet!

Go to
Image>Mode>RGB Color, then go to Image>Adjust>Hue/Saturation.
Change the "Hue" value to
+180, then click OK.