Make a new image, this time we will be using Grayscale mode.
width:300 pixels and height:200 pixels.
Look at picture below:
Fill the image with black, so your image will be all black now.
Look at your channels, you only have 1 channel called "Black".
Now create a new channel, the new channel will be called "Alpha 1".
Use the type tool
to type some letters:
Now click on the "black" channel.
From the channels, go to layers...
Then fill the selections with white. You will have some white letters now.
After that go to
Rotate the letters now, go to Image>Rotate Canvas>90 CW.
Go to Filter>Stylize>Wind, use the following setings:

From the right

Rotate back the image, Image>Rotate Canvas>90 CCW
your image should looks like this
Now go to Filter>Stylize>Diffuse, select Normal mode.
Then go to
Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur, use Radius: 1 pixels, now the words are blur.
To add fire colors, we go to Image>Mode>Indexed Color,
then second  go to
Image>Mode>Color Table.

Select BlackBody
Click OK then you're DONE!