Crunchy Text
basic Knowledge required
Make a new image,
Width:        300 pixels
Height:      200 pixels
Mode:        RGB Color
Contents:  White
Create a new channel, the new channel will automatically named "Alpha 1".
type in some words like below:
Go back to the channels and click on [ Save Selection as Channel ]:
While the Alpha 1 channel is active, go to Filter>Distort>Ocean Ripple, use these settings:      Ripple Size:   1
                       Ripple Magnitude:   12

Then go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur, use 5 pixels for Radius.
Create a new channel called "Alpha 3"
Then go to
Filter>Pixelate>Mezzoint, then select Coarse dots, click ok.
Go back to "Alpha 1" channel:
Go to Select>Load Selection, then select the "Alpha 3" channel.
Go to Image>Adjust>Brightness/Contrast, set the Brightness to -40 and contrast 0.
Go to Select>Load Selection, this time use the Alpha 2 channel.
Then go to
Filter>Noise>Add Noise:
Go back to the RGB channels.
Then go to Filter>Render>Lighting Effects:
Click OK and your image should look like this:
Go to Filter>Noise>Add Noise, set the amount to 20, click Gaussian.

While the selection is still active, create a new layer.
go to
Edit>Copy Merge, then Edit>Paste:

then press Ctrl+U or go to
Simply play with the settings there to change the color.