Burnt Paper
First make a new image 230 x 230 pixels.
Then create a new channel...."Alpha 1"
If you don't know how to create a new channel, go to this page.
Select the Lasso Tool
and make a selection like the picutre below:
You don't need to follow my selection exactly, just make it look like a burnt paper shape.
Use the paint bucket tool to fill the selection white color:
Then go to Select>Deselect,
Then go to
Filter>Pixelate>Crystallize.......enter 3 for cell size.
Now you should see the edge of the paper looks like burnt paper.
Now go back to the background layer and create a new layer.
Go to
Select>Load Selection, use the "Alpha 1" channel:
Use the paint bucket to fill the selection with white.
Then S

Now go to
Layer>Effects>Drop Shadow, follow my settings:
Go to Layer>Effects>Inner Shadow, follow my settings:
You're not done yet, continue...click NEXT