Irish Mercantile Marine Deaths 1940 - 1945

City of Limerick
City of Waterford
Irish Pine
Kerry Head
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Other Ships

Ardmore (sunk 12 November 1940)
The Ardmore was the property of the City of Cork Steam Packet Company. She was carrying a cargo of livestock from Cork to Fishguard but was sunk south of the Salties.
Surname Firstname Address Age Rank
Barry F. 5 Canning Place, Passage West, Co. Cork 26 Carpenter
Bruland Edward Convent Place, Paggage West, Co. Cork 57 Cook
Cronin John 18 Spring Lane, Cork 43 Cattleman
Desmond Bartholemew 2 Custom House Street, Cork 41 Able Seaman
Fennel John St. Mary's Avenue, Gurranabraher, Cork 18 Seaman
Flynn Patrick 15 Assumption Road, Cork 39 Cattleman
Ford Michael 11 Brown Street, Cork 53 Fireman
Ford Thomas 12 Fairfield Road, Warrington, Liverpool 55 Captain
Hare Thomas Edwin 39 Beechwood Park, Rathmines, Dublin 37 1st Mate
Johnson A. 47 Without Avenue, Bedingon, Liverpool 56 Chief Engineer
Kelleher John Washbrew Lane, Fairhill, Cork 35 Cattleman
Lane John 1 Pophams Road, Cork 53 Cattleman
McGlynn John 80 Tolka Road, Clonliff Road, Dublin 40 Bosun
McNally Sydney 24 Nicandy Road, Liverpool 49 2nd Engineer
Murphy A. Passage West, Co. Cork    
O'Donovan Patrick 31 Henry Street, Cork 45 Donkeyman
O'Leary Timothy 4 Whitehorn Road, Cork 20 Messboy
O'Regan John 19 Fort Street, Barrack Street, Cork 65 Fireman
O'Shea Frank  16 Lower Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork 39 Able Seaman
Power John 41 Upper John Street, Blackpool, Cork 27 Able Seaman
Power James 126 Blackwater Road, Cork 28 Able Seaman
Raymond Michael Farranferris Avenue, Cork 26 Cattleman
Ryan Patrick 305 Weston Hill, Barry, South Wales (also Passage East, Co. Waterford) 40 Second Mate
Speed Edwin 60 Eastbourne Street, Liverpool 61 Fireman
Dalgrano Joseph 16 Railway Avenue, Inchicore, Dublin 29 Third Engineer

City of Limerick (sunk 15 July 1940)
The City of Limerick was the property of Palgrave Murphy Ltd. under the command of Captain Robert Ferguson. She was enroute from Spain to Liverpool with a cargo of fruit when she was bombed and sunk in the Bay of Biscay.
Surname Firstname Address Age Rank
Brennan Hugh 1 Victoria Villas, Charlemont Road, Clontarf,  Dublin 4 31 Steward
Sullivan John 47 Lynsted Road, Liverpool 14 20 Cabin Boy

City of Waterford (sunk 19 September 1941)
The City of Waterford was carrying a cargo of coal from Cardiff to Lisbon. She had joined a British convoy headed for Gibraltar. At 7:30am she collided with the tug "Thames" and sank. The crew were rescued by HMS Deptford and transferred to the rescue ship "Walmer Castle". This ship was bombed on Sunday 21 September and it was during this exchange that the crew-members of the City of Waterford were killed.
Surname Firstname (Rank) Address Age Rank
Alpin Thomas (Captain) Sandymount, Dublin    
Furlong George (Chief Engineer) Wexford    
Naylor Samuel (A.B.) Bray, Co. Wicklow    
Murphy Patrick (A.B.) Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin    
Kearney Edward (A.B.) Dublin    

Clonlara (sunk 22 August 1941)
Clonlara was the property of the Limerick Steamship Company. She was sunk in the North Atlantic by U-564.
Surname Firstname (Rank) Address Age Rank
Carr W. Dublin    
Greene E. Dublin    
Kavanagh E. Dublin    
Lambe A. Dublin    
McGuigan P. Lusk, Co. Dublin    
McKane S. Dublin    
Reynolds Joseph (Captain) Drogheda    
Robertson A. Limerick    
Smith M. Dublin    
Spanner J. Wexford    
Spence R. Dublin    

Cymric (missing 24 February 1944)
Cymric, a vessel of 228 gross tons left Ardrossan, Scotland on 23rd February 1944 with a cargo of coal, bound for Lisbon.
Surname Firstname (Rank) Address Age Rank
Bergin P. Wexford    
Brennan J. Wexford    
Cassidy Christopher (Captain) Athboy, Co. Meath    
Crosbie J. Wexford    
Furlong K. Wexford    
Kiernan B. Dundalk    
McConnell C. Dublin    
O'Rourke W. Wexford    
Ryan M. Dungarvan    
Seave P. Skerries    
Tierney M. Wexford    

Innisfallen (sunk 21 December 1940)
Innidfallen, a ship of the City of Cork Steam Packet Company was sunk at 3:20pm by a magnetic mine near New Brighton Tower as she departed from Liverpool. She has 157 passengeers and a crew of 63 on board. Her Captain was George Firth of Clontarf, Dublin and the radio officer was Joseph Neville.
Surname Firstname (Rank) Address Age Rank
Doyle W. Dublin    
Geary Daniel (Quartermaster) Kinsale    
Porter J. Dublin    
Rickard J. Howth    

Isolda (sunk 19 December 1940)
The Isolda was a lighthouse tender owned by the Commissioners of Irish Lights. She sank enroute to the Coninbeg light-vessel after being bombed. Her Captain was Alan Bestic who had been Third Officer on the Lusitania when she was struck by a torpedo off Kinsale in 1915.
Surname Firstname Address Age Rank
Dunne P. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin    
Farrell W. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin    
Hayden J. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin    
Holland W. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin    
Rusby W. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin    
Shortt P. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin    


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