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"Your Silence Will Not Protect You." Audre Lorde"

The purpose of this page is to provide links between different groups of women and men who are interested in women's issues regarding social justice, human rights and the law. I am graduate of the University of Washington School of Law and have been working on issues of violence against women and children, most recently at a domestic violence shelter for women and children. Working within the justice system trying to advocate for abused women and children has been a very frustrating and yet enriching process. Some days I hate my chosen road but most of the time I can walk into my front door with the feeling that I have actually made a difference in someone's life. I know a lot of people who consider law school only to reject the idea because they are women or are progressive and I can't say that it will be a picnic...but I can say that it's certainly worth it to be able to make a real difference.

Ray, my husband and I, picture publish a political e-zine called Social Justice (see link below) and hang out with our 2 year old Dane Justice David, picture

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